Cat Climbing Frame Cat Scratching Board Cat Grinding Claws Sisal Cat Scratching Board Cat Litter Cat Supplies

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Product name: Cat Climbing Frame Cat Scratching Board Cat Grinding Claws Sisal Cat Scratching Board Cat Litter Cat Supplies
Description:Choose high-quality fabrics, which will not hurt pets' skin, so that pets can have a better experience. Fine workmanship, durable and firm products.Warm and comfortable, closed design, comfortable and breathable fur. Grasping plate of sisal mill. Collapsible. Lightweight and convenient, does not occupy an area.
Cat nest knowledge points: Cats are wary of unfamiliar things. You can put toys that cats like, or clothes with the smell of their owners, so that cats can get familiar with and like them as soon as possible. As the new model has just been produced, it is packed and sealed before it is released, and it will inevitably have some odor when it is transported to customers for a long time, so it only needs to be released in a ventilated place for a few days.
Item name:Pet nest
Style:Trumpet (gray+white), large (gray+white), small (light brown+beige), large (light brown+beige), small with ball to grind triangle nest, large with ball to grind triangle nest
Item: Gender:Universal
Size (in cm):Trumpet: 50*26*H37CM/ large: 55*27*H50CM
Feature:Let pets rest
Fabric Type:Board + fur
Washing method:Spray pet disinfectant or PET fabric mite remover, but also dilute part of the cat's external insect repellent for spraying. If you have a high-power vacuum cleaner, you can also use a vacuum cleaner to remove mites.

Storage method:store it separately or in wrapping paper to avoid being dyed by other clothing.

Stock type: In stock

Please noted:This product is designed and produced by our exclusive company. This product does not support customization. In order to let the dog have a good dressing experience, please measure the dog's neck circumference, neck circumference, back length and other necessary data. Clean and store in strict accordance with cleaning and storage methods. This product is very thin, so don't put it around sharp objects. If the pet feels uncomfortable after wearing it, please take it off immediately to avoid accidents such as pet injury. After wearing, please release the button regularly to let the pet's skin breathe, so as to avoid affecting the pet's hair development or causing skin disease due to sultry. If you are not satisfied with the product, please contact customer service.


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