Cat Nest Dog Litter Pet Cat and Dog Bed Small Dog Cat Sleeping Bag Mat Closed Cat House Keep Warm in Winter

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Product nameCat Nest Dog Litter Pet Cat and Dog Bed Small Dog Cat Sleeping Bag Mat Closed Cat House Keep Warm in Winter
Description:Choose high-quality fabrics, which will not hurt pets' skin, so that pets can have a better experience. Fine workmanship, durable and firm products.
Item name:Pet nest
Style:Zipper cat nest
Item: Gender:Universal
Size (in cm):S-47*45cm,M-53*51cm
Feature:Let pets rest
Fabric Type:Cloth + short plush
Washing method:You can wash dog clothes with human detergent. If a special disinfectant can be provided for pets, it will be more effective to kill parasite eggs easily contaminated by pet clothes. Dog's clothes and people's clothes must be washed separately. Do not use chlorine bleach or oxygen bleach.

Storage method:store it separately or in wrapping paper to avoid being dyed by other clothing.

Stock type: In stock
Support customization:Avoid contact with sharp and rough articles and strong alkaline articles; choose a cool and ventilated place to cool and dry before collection; open the cabinet regularly during the collection period to ventilate and keep dry; in high temperature and humid season, air dry several times to prevent mildew.

Please noted:This product is designed and produced by our exclusive company. This product does not support customization. In order to let the dog have a good dressing experience, please measure the dog's neck circumference, neck circumference, back length and other necessary data. Clean and store in strict accordance with cleaning and storage methods. This product is very thin, so don't put it around sharp objects. If the pet feels uncomfortable after wearing it, please take it off immediately to avoid accidents such as pet injury. After wearing, please release the button regularly to let the pet's skin breathe, so as to avoid affecting the pet's hair development or causing skin disease due to sultry. If you are not satisfied with the product, please contact customer service.

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