Cats and dogs bath clean massage brush five finger gloves

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Product name: Cats and dogs bath clean massage brush five finger gloves
Description:Exquisite workmanship, in line with the ergonomic design, owners easy to comb, pets enjoy combing, one button clean hair, convenient, labor-saving. Bathing for 2 minutes can promote blood circulation and make pet's hair more glossy. It can also clean fleas and other dirty things in pet's hair with pet's special bath gel
Combing method: according to the order of hair arrangement and growth, from head to tail, from top to bottom, from neck to shoulder, then brush the limbs and tail. When combing hair, the action should be gentle and meticulous, not rough and dry, in order to avoid causing pain in the dog, especially when combing the hair near sensitive parts (such as external genitals).
Item name:Pet Supplies
Size (in cm):It is 12cm long, 13cm wide and 3cm thick
Feature:Massage pets and clean their hair
Material: ABS
Suitable breeds: Suitable for beagle, poodle, Pomeranian, Alaskan, etc

Washing method:Washing method: This product can only be washed with water. Please dry it with a dry towel after washing. Please wash separately from human objects
Storage method:Store in a dry and cool place out of the reach of children to avoid accidents

Stock type: In stock

Please noted:This product is designed and produced exclusively by our company. This product does not support customization. Don't put the product where children can get it. Don't give the product to children. This product is sharp, please avoid children's touch and play,please order according to the actual situation of pets. When using, please clean the hair properly to avoid damaging the pet's skin and causing trouble to you and your pet. Please clean in strict accordance with the cleaning method. If you are not satisfied with the product, please contact customer service.

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