1.About our company

Our company is a one-stop business service company integrating fabric development, product design, production and sales. The main product uses independent research and development of fabrics, such as spandex latex (oil surface/mirror surface), using warp knitted nylon lining, the fabric is environmentally friendly, four-way high elasticity process, and meets the CNAS international interconnection detection standard; the effect is similar Natural latex material, but the price is only 1/3 of the natural latex coat, so that more customers can enjoy the simple sexy bondage brought by the gel coat, and experience the stylish atmosphere of modern tights.

There are many sizes of our ready-to-wear garments. In order to fit more body shapes at home and abroad, such as the F series and T series, the suitable range is 150-180CM in height, and the weight is from 40kg to 90KG.The professional high-elastic fabric production equipment group, advanced cutting lathe, can make the cutting size more accurate and more efficient, and its own CAD intelligent size generation system allows the traditional customization speed to be greatly improved.

We take "designing for fashion, customizing for sexy" as the business purpose, to make the fashion sexy and let the stage wear casually.

Product style: simple and sexy European and American style!

Design features: Fashionable underwear, sexy fashion. Make underwear that you can wear to make fashion more sexy!

Our mission: make life better!

We have always led the sexy route and become the object of follow-up in the industry. Our now, walking the road that others want to go but dare not go! MiaSein sincerely brings together more channel agents and partners to create an international first sexy route brand!

2.our advantages

Source manufacturer Source center

Industry and trade integration B2B

Strong manufacturers, global cooperation

Cross-border supply, global shipment (FedEx DHL UPS TNT ARAMEX)

Computer plate making, original design,

Computer cutting bed, product quality inspection and delivery, customer service center

Our advantage:

1. Source material development, CAD design, production, sales, industry and trade integration mode, quality controllable, to ensure production efficiency and delivery efficiency;

2. Intelligent CAD plate-making system, the owner's self-developed intelligent plate-making system with 10 years of customization experience greatly improves the customization efficiency and size accuracy;

3. Undertake single piece customization, the fastest delivery speed within 24 hours, customer customized data can be retained for 3 years;

4. We can provide special style clothes for large customers to ensure the competitiveness of products;

5. The main product is independently researched and developed. The fabric is rare, unique and environmentally friendly.

3.our unique fabric

Spandex Latex is a latex film composite fabric, which is independently developed by our company. It adopts nano-composite technology.

 It has high elasticity on all four sides, is not easy to crack, does not absorb water, and has the sweating function of sports and fitness.

Its tightness effect is comparable to natural latex. It will react with silica gel materials and is a substitute for natural latex.

Spandex latex fabric composition: the first layer is a latex mixed PU film, the second layer is a warp knitted spandex layer, and the third layer is a nano-adsorption layer.

Mirror spandex latex fabric composition: the first layer is a latex mixed PU film, the second layer is a warp knitted spandex layer, the third layer is a nano-adsorption layer, and the fourth layer is a latex mixed PU film.

4.The achievement we have made

After our continuous efforts, the sales volume of our spandex latex tights exported to the European and American markets has exceeded US $ 1 million. This is a new breakthrough in our sales history. We will continue to optimize and improve our products in order to make our products more popular. We have hired a new designer who will bring us better and more popular styles. Our products are independently completed from fabric to design, production and sales. This allows us to better control product quality, adjust production in a timely manner, hear customer feedback for the first time, and continuously improve our production services. Our products have a good reputation at home and abroad, and the sales of multiple platforms at home and abroad are steadily increasing. Our customers include catsuit apparel enthusiasts, as well as domestic and foreign agents and wholesalers. They have also maintained good sales. We hope that more and more customers and agent wholesalers will choose our products. We wish  our products can be sold to every corner of the world.

5.CAD System

After more than ten years of experience, we have independently developed an intelligent upgraded version of the CAD plate making system. It is a software for garment computer plate making, coding, and layout. It is a newer and full-featured garment CAD system. This system is more suitable for the design and customization of our special clothing. It intelligently performs cutting of customized data, and the data is more accurate, which helps us to create more suitable clothing tailored for customers. Our clothing is different from ordinary clothing. It requires special designers to design, special custom fabrics, special CAD plate making and cutting systems, and professional turners for processing. Pursuit of perfection is our eternal goal. Our catsuit is a full-body conjoined, seamless design. It fits well on the waist and is very smooth. There is no trace of folds from top to bottom. This is thanks to our professional equipment and professional designers and professional tailors. There is also a dedicated clothing consultant to serve you. As long as you ask your needs, we can provide you with the clothing you want.

6.Our new poducts

At present, due to the outbreak of new coronaviruses in China and globally, our company is very concerned about this. Based on our many years of experience in the production of bodysuits and various types of apparel, we have opened two production lines for sterile protective suits and masks. Our protective suit is made of disposable breathable PE film and non-woven composite material. It is a full-body protective suit with a front zipper and hood. It comes in a variety of sizes and can be waterproof, dustproof, and resistant to bacteria. It can meet the needs of daily protection. Our masks are different from ordinary disposable masks and different from KN95 masks. It abandons the shortcomings of traditional masks. Our mask design is very fashionable, with black and white gingham material, pure black cloth material, and black PU breathable leather. It is suitable for parent-child wear, and can be used by both adults and children. It has a built-in filter changing sheet that can be repeatedly cleaned and used. It is durable and not deformed, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, clean and hygienic, comfortable and beautiful. If you like, you can buy on our website, and welcome domestic and foreign wholesalers to come to negotiate purchases.

Post time: Aug-14-2020