high elasticity and tightness are our product features

The physical properties of spandex: 1, with high elongation at break
2. High extensibility, low elastic modulus and high elastic recovery rate;
3. It is more resistant to chemical degradation than latex yarn and has moderate thermal stability;
4. Its polymer chain is composed of low-melting, amorphous “soft” segments as the matrix and high-melting, crystalline “hard” segments embedded in it;
5. It has good chemical resistance, resistant to most acids and alkalis, chemical agents, organic solvents, dry cleaning agents and bleaching agents, and resistant to sunlight and wind and snow, but not resistant to oxides, which makes the fiber yellow and strong reduce;

The comfort and durability of clothes has always been our company’s constant goal. We also hope that customers who purchase our products will have a pleasant experience and be able to enjoy the happiness and comfort brought by our products. The pursuit of users has always been ours. Goal, we believe that good products are brought by users’ evaluations. All interested customers can click the button at the bottom right of the website to contact us, leave your email address, and write down your needs.

Post time: Dec-03-2020