Pet Cat Simple Disc Cool and Funny Cat Table Pet Cat Kitten Cat Adult Cat Summer Cool Small Cat Table Cat Toy

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Product name: Pet Cat Simple Disc Cool and Funny Cat Table Pet Cat Kitten Cat Adult Cat Summer Cool Small Cat Table Cat Toy
Description:The material and quality of sisal are preferred, which has not been bleached by chemical solution and has original sisal fiber acid taste. Safety and environmental protection, high standard environmental protection materials are durable and have a longer service life, brand new environmental protection glue is non-irritating. Firm and stable, with precise mechanical structure design, it is safer to prevent sway. Meet the cat's hole drilling characteristics, and can rest when tired.
The method of training cats to use the cat climbing frame: the training of cat picking and grasping the board or wooden column must start from a young age. The method is to put wooden posts or boards in the most visible place for the cat to climb up and down to find the parts it is willing to grasp. If not, the owner can gently touch the cat's head with his hand, and press down on its head to force it to grab the wooden post. After scratching, the gland secretion on the cat's feet will be smeared on the scratching part. Because of the odor of the secretion, the cat will go to the wooden post to scratch.
Item name:Cat climbing frame
Style: Bee, hemp ball
Item: Gender:Universal
Color:Size (in cm):27*16cm
Feature:It can give cats a space to play. The multi-layer three-dimensional shape is more suitable for the cat's climbing nature, and the column of hemp rope can make the cat grind its claws
Fabric Type: Plate + summer mat
Washing method:Spray pet disinfectant or PET fabric mite remover, but also dilute part of the cat's external insect repellent for spraying. If you have a high-power vacuum cleaner, you can also use a vacuum cleaner to remove mites.
Storage method:Store in a cool and dry place

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Please noted:This product is designed and produced by our exclusive company. This product does not support customization. Manual measurement, there is a certain range of error, please take the real object as the standard. If you are not satisfied with the product, please contact customer service.

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