Pet Dog Large Stool Collection Tool Poop Picker

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Product name: Pet Dog Large Stool Collection Tool Poop Picker
Description: Fashionable modeling, thickened environmental protection materials, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance. With handle, convenient for host to carry
Item name:Pet Supplies & Pet
Usage: when using, cover the surface of the poop with the paper, and then use the toilet to grab it and discard it. Or use other garbage belt sold in the market to cover the inside of the toilet and grab it downward. It is convenient, sanitary and worry free. It is suitable for home use and travel.
Advantages: it is convenient for the owner to clean up the dog's excrement. It can be easily picked up by using the paper towel. When there is no garbage can around, the feces can be stored in the box temporarily, which will not be missed and has no taste. It is clean and hygienic, and the owner's hands have no contact with pet excrement. Paper towel or plastic bag can be replaced.
Colour:Royal blue, black
Item: Gender:Universal
Size(in cm):Length: 60cm, clip: 13.5 * 12.5 * 10cm, handle width: 12.5cm
Feature:Clean up your pet's excrement
Material: ABS
Washing method:Rinse with water and dry,Please clean separately. Do not wash with human items
Storage method:Store in a cool and dry place.Please store it separately, not with human products

Stock type: In stock

Please noted:This product is designed and produced exclusively by our company. This product does not support customization. Please throw the pet's excrement into the dustbin in time. Do not litter.Manual measurement error, please refer to the real object.Please wash and store according to the washing method and storage method.Please don't knock the product hard to avoid damaging the product. If you are not satisfied with the product, please contact customer service.

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