Sexy Perspective Mesh Full Coating Factory Customized Shaping Clothes Stage All-inclusive Tight-fitting Corset

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Item name: Mesh full-coated shaping clothes stage full-wrapped body-shaping clothes
Colour: skin color, coffee color,black, color.
Size (in cm): ES,EM,EL,TL,FS
Feature: This mesh is a relatively thin plain fabric, with thin texture, clear step holes, precision and thinness, and a cicada-like perspective showing a hazy figure.
This product is made of immature nylon and brocade yarn. The brocade yarn is light, elastic, breathable and comfortable to wear.
It is the avant-garde symbol of sexy tights,At the same time, it has the advantages of breathability, ultra-thin, hand-washable, high elasticity, unlimited body size, one-piece glove design and one-piece headgear design.
High elasticity in four directions, and easy to stretch by 50%. A variety of colors, and can support customization
Fabric Type: spandex
Fabric thickness: 0.25mm
Fabric Texture: Tight, soft, extremely thin, colorfast, hand washable, lycra high elastic cotton
Washing method: gentle hand wash, please do not use brush.
Storage method: store it separately or in wrapping paper to avoid being dyed by other clothing.
Stock type: In stock
Support customization:If there is no size that suits you, we can tailor it for you , only need you to provide height, weight, waist circumference, hip circumference information.when you have recevied and item is not fit please take photo to us,(clothes length with ruler ),if we made wrong size we will refund you.
Please noted:This item is designed and produced exclusively by our company. In order to provide a good wearing experience, the size of the pants is also customized exclusively for the store, which is different from the general size. Please purchase this product strictly according to our size chart. Submit the necessary dimensions and details such as hip circumference, such as self-cultivation, tight-fitting, corset, opening, zipper, etc., which can be written in the message bar in centimeters, thank you!

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